SMARTAQUA and Cross Cutting Themes (CCTs)

Cross Cutting Themes (CCTs) are issues that touch on general principles such as democracy, equality, sustainability and good governance. They require action in multiple fields and, as such, need to be integrated into all areas of the European Funded programmes.

Set within an evolving policy context, the picture of integrating the CCTs in Wales is one of steady progression and improvement. Increased awareness, positive developments in legislation and policy, matched by changes in attitudes, has combined with lessons learned and a clear focus from the European Commission to push the agenda forward. The Welsh Government has developed policies across the range of its statutory responsibilities including Sustainable Development, Equality and Diversity and Tackling Poverty. The aim of the Cross Cutting Themes (CCTs) is to improve the quality and the legacy from each of the operations supported by the Structural Funds and to add value to programmes as a whole.

SMARTAQUA received extremely positive feedback from WEFO on its commitment activity to support CCTs throughout the project and, successfully achieved each CCT defined target.

One of the most impactful developments in CCT is the development of a local supply chain described in a case study produced by the project team.






SMARTAQUA: aquaculture beyond food is supported by the Welsh Government and the European Regional Development Fund.

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