Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing food industry, but it is also highly competitive. In comparison, the non-food aquaculture industry is a niche market, driven by science, where Wales can take the lead

SMARTAQUA will target four non-food aquaculture areas
SMARTAQUA offers science-based companies
  • A network of researchers, aquaculture boards and multinational businesses
  • Scientific expertise and guidance on fish and algae biotechnology
  • Collobarative R&D projects

Together we will

Establish a network for non-food aquaculture businesses and academic collaboration in Wales
Develop new products and processes to support economic growth
Support inward investment
Promote science excellence
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Latest News

  • Symposium on Welfare Indicators for Novel Species in Aquaculture
    Symposium on Welfare Indicators for Novel Species in Aquaculture
        Download the program here We will welcome fish farmers, retailers, interest groups in welfare and researchers. The symposium has been sponsored by key players in this field . Early Career Researchers (ECRs) can apply for bursaries to attend the symposium. ECRs must also register below.  ...
  • New findings about  tilapia welfare
    New findings about tilapia welfare
    New publication from SMARTAQUA team suggests that stocking farmed tilapia at high densities could be beneficial to their welfare and make them less invasive should they escape. The study was published in the Royal Society Open Science in early December and looks into how crowding in Nile...



SMARTAQUA: aquaculture beyond food is supported by the Welsh Government and the European Regional Development Fund.

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